Averted A Potential Fine Of $36,000 Per Employee


About - KIC Refrigeration

KIC Refrigeration, Mechanical, & Controls is a full-service Southern California based, maintenance and repair company that focuses on the refrigeration and HVAC needs of supermarkets, convenience stores, and commercial buildings.  They have developed, managed, and implemented PM programs that have resulted in measurable reductions in energy consumption and reactive service calls.

The Problem

2 other brokers had already met with KIC and discussed small group health insurance options. The employer had never offered health insurance benefits before and needed some guidance in choosing the best option for their employees.

Since every broker has access to exactly the same plans and rates, there are no differences in the plans and rates each broker has access to, the employer seemed to have a simple task to choose the broker he felt most comfortable with.

We discussed the additional laws they would be subject to once they implemented employee benefits. Especially, the ERISA Act of 1974. There would be certain wrap documents that he would need to supply his employees with. If he did not, he would be out of compliance and subject to a $100 fine per day per employee. That could amount to $36,000 per employee per year.

The other 2 brokers never mentioned any of this to them.

What CAP Did

Since we have a great deal of experience and knowledge in the small group health insurance industry, we were able to:

  • Provide KIC with all the necessary resources to avoid any penalties
  • Write a health insurance policy for them that gave the employer exactly what they needed  
  • Provide the kind of expert knowledge and service they were looking for

Having access to the resources than many brokers do not, allows us to provide a greater level of value for our clients.

It's About Relationships

“I wanted to work with CAP Insurance because they offered our company something the other brokers did not. Expert knowledge and service!”
KIC Refrigeration

The Outcome

One Happy Customer!.

When health insurance rates and plans are the same for every insurance broker, what makes the difference? 

It comes down to value. We pride ourselves on delivering value to our clients beyond the insurance policy.

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