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We help you navigate and understand which medical plans are the best for your business.


You are the most important person in the business. We help you plan for the present and future to ensure you are protected.


If you are not in compliance with current state and federal laws, your business is at serious risk.

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Three Reasons Why People Look to Change Brokers

Compliance Problems

Most business owners have no idea if they are in compliance. Let us help you determine your exposure.
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Lack of Responsiveness

This is the number one complaint. That is why ensuring we return calls and follow up on your questions right away.
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Lack of Health Insurance Options

You need options. Through our partnership together, we understand your business and provide the options you need.
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Not Only Do You Want Health Insurance Options, You Need a Guide to Help You Make the Best Decisions

  • We Provide:
  • More Insurance Choices for Coverage
  • Compliance Reviews
  • A Comitted Broker Who Understands You and Your Business
  • Expert Knowledge in COBRA, FMLA, P.O.P. and HR

We understand business health insurance issues. It’s our mission to provide the insurance options you need and act as a guide and advocate in all your insurance matters.

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Learn How We Have Helped Other Clients Just Like You

Real Life Examples Of How Cap Insurance Has Helped Some Terrific People & Companies

Cobra Nightmare Was Averted in 48hrs

A situation where communication of information and responsibility had “fallen through the cracks” regarding an employee who had applied for COBRA.
Lori Hernandez
Lori Hernandez

When To Start Medicare Part B Saved Hundreds

Charlotte has already applied for Medicare Part A but was unsure of when to apply for Part B. Explaining other options for her was just what she needed.
Medicare part B
Craig Prince

Two Different Brokers Failed To Mention Possible $36,000 Problem

Adding business group health insurance for the first time can end up costing you thousands if not done correctly.
Joshua Prince
Joshua Prince
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