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Health Insurance for Real Estate Agents


The majority of real estate agents are independent contractors of their real estate firms. As an independent contractor, many typically don’t have...

What Is Medicare - Parts A and B?


The following video answers the question... What Is Medicare and how do parts A, B, C and D affect you as a Medicare participant?

Video Transcript

Understanding The Importance Of Your Medicare Insurance Card

Medicare is a federal program that provides health insurance for seniors, the disabled and people of low-income. 

The Secret To Finding The Best Medicare Insurance Plan


The process of choosing a Medicare plan can leave most people feeling frustrated and completely confused. However, this one little tool can make...

Top 5 Benefits of Using Local Health Insurance Agents

Business Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a nightmare, and we all know it.

Options for Affordable Dental and Vision Insurance

Keeping your eyesight sound and your teeth in good shape is not an optional endeavor, but a critical piece of staying healthy for life.

Should Your Business Offer Dental And Vision Insurance Plans?

With the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), offering additional healthcare benefits now goes beyond the usual medical...

Health Insurance Agent vs Direct: Which Is Best for Small Businesses?

Talk to business owners and they will tell you that one of the biggest challenges they face is buying health insurance.

Understanding Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Many people get confused by all of the different medicare plans. They aren’t sure which ones they get for free, which ones they have to pay for or...

Should My Business Have A Health Insurance POP Plan?

POP plans are a popular option for businesses. However, many small businesses are unsure about what a POP plan is, how it works and what its...

Should I Use a Medicare Insurance Agent?

Medicare was created to provide affordable health coverage for retirees and their spouses who were no longer eligible for medical insurance...

What Businesses Need To Know About High Deductible Health Plans

High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) have grown in popularity in recent years.  According to Mercer, 30% of all covered employees were enrolled in...

Health Insurance Trends for 2018

Business Health Insurance

According to Zywave’s Health Plan Design Benchmark 2017, it was “anticipated that the Trump administration would make significant alterations to...

What is a Controlled Group For Insurance Purposes?

As part of the Revenue Act of 1964, the Internal Revenue Code established its Controlled Groups Provisions. These provisions were initially issued...

Comparing HSA Vs FSA vs HRA Plans


Employers are increasingly looking to consumer-driven health plans to help soften the blow of continually rising health care costs. Depending on...

Cobra Insurance Rules And Guidelines For California

Business Health Insurance

Understanding Cobra insurance rules will likely give you a major headache. Even if you are a seasoned HR professional, Cobra insurance rules can...

How To Choose The Best Retirement Plan For Employees

Experts estimate that in the American workforce as a whole, workers will need 70 to 90 percent of their pre-retirement income to maintain their...

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right Health Insurance Plan

It's no secret that nuances of health insurance can be difficult to navigate, especially in the United States. As an employer offering health...

Understanding Your Insurance Broker Commission


This topic always seems to be a bone of contention among business owners and senior executives. The truth is, the broker commission for health...

Employer Responsibilities For Their Small Group Health Insurance Plan

Providing a small business health insurance plan for your employees is one of the most rewarding, yet also challenging decisions you can make as a...

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